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Xenopus Aquatic Housing Systems

The AQUANEERING Xenopus Aquatic Housing Systems offer new levels of water quality and user friendly features for Xenopus frog research.

Our unique, flow-through self-cleaning tanks siphon solids from the tank bottom, and feature manual drain controls to adjust water levels without disturbing the occupants. The double-sloped tank concentrates waste in the center tank depression, and with one pull of the standpipe all waste water is flushed in about 30 seconds. The waste water then enters our four-stage filtration system.

Choose the Standard Line for quality and economy, or the Enhanced Higher Density Design for added features. Each line comes with white translucent or clear tanks and features the 4 stage Aquaneering filtration system for superior water quality.

  Xenopus Central Filtration System
  Xenopus Lab
  Xenopus Lab

Stand Alone Standard   Stand Alone Enhanced   Modular Systems Requiring
Central Filtration
  Xenopus 21 liter enhanced tank  
  Xenopus Tanks   Optional Components  


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