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Product Description

Every aquaculture or aquatic housing system - recirculating, flow-through, stand alone rack, or multi-rack central filtration system - requires one or more pumps to move water through the housing and filtration systems. Aquaneering works with each customer to determine the most efficent pump for their system.

Product Information

Challenger Series High Flow Pumps

Quiet, rugged, and exceptionally reliable, Aquaneering Challenger Series High Flow Pumps are designed to provide years of trouble-free performance.

  • Thermoplastic pump components
  • 2” ports and an extra-large strainer basket to extend time between cleanings
  • Outstanding, energy-efficient performance across a wide range of flow rates
  • Power end can be easily removed for service or winterizing without disturbing piping or pump support base
  • Available in sizes from ½ hp to 5 hp to fit a wide range of applications


Intelliflo® Series PumpsIntelliflo Pump

Intelliflo Series Pumps are durable, quiet, and adaptable with built-in diagnostics and longer, slower run times that improve water filtration and chemistry.

  • Automatically monitors and adjusts flow rates to optimize performance and minimize energy use - reduces energy consumption by up to 90%
  • Built-in diagnostics protect the pump from the most common causes of premature failure
  • Permanent magnet motor design reduces noise and vibration for greater efficiency and longer pump life
  • Super-efficient permanent magnet motors produce far less heat and vibration, resulting in less stress and wear on pump components for longer life
  • Totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) design and low average operating speed for dramatically quieter operation


Whisperflo® Series PumpsWhisperflo Pump

Whisperflo Series Pumps are energy-efficient, quiet, and durable with easy maintenance.

  • Specially-engineered design assures whisper-quiet operation
  • Oversized strainer basket extends time between cleanings
  • See-through lid makes inspection fast and easy—engineered polymer remains clear and strong for years
  • Lower horsepowers deliver higher performance
  • Heavy-duty/durable construction is designed for long life



Part Number Description
  MPCH050 Pump: Challenger 50 GPM ½ HP  
  MPCH075 Pump: Challenger 75 GPM ¾ HP  
  MPCH100 Pump: Challenger 100 GPM 1 HP  
  MPCH1200 Pump: Challenger 120 GPM 1.5 HP  
  MPCH140 Pump: Challenger 140 GPM 2 HP  
  MPCH150 Pump: Challenger 150 GPM 3 HP  
  MPIF300VS IntelliFlo VS Pump 3 HP4 Programmable Speeds  
  MPIF300VF IntelliFlo VF Pump 3 HPAdjustable Variable Frequency Speed  
  MPWF75 WhisperFlo Pump 3/4 HP  
  MPWF100 WhisperFlo Pump 1 HP  



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