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Protein Skimmers

Product Description
Aquaneering Protein Skimmers are Roto-Molded from inexpensive yet highly durable polyethylene plastic. These Protein Skimmers are a simple and cost effective answer for your organic pollutant removal needs. Our Protein Skimmers are highly efficient at removing dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and particulate organic carbon (POC), as well as improving water clarity and dissolved oxygen (DO) levels.

Product Information
Currently stocked models include the 8.5” Diameter 12-25 GPM unit, 12” Diameter 25-50 GPM unit, and the 16” Diameter 50-100 GPM model. The 8.5” diameter unit is available in an airlift configuration, while all three are available in the standard pump-driven configuration (with or without a pump), which feature MIC Mazzei Injectors, which provide fine bubble efficiency in order to provide maximum foam production. 6-12-08


Model Description Dimensions Inlet/Outlet Flow Rate
  QPS8 8.5” Std. 8”x66.5” 2”/2” 12-25 GPM  
  QPS8-A 8.5” Airlift 8”x66.5” 3”/3” 12-25 GPM  
  QPS8-P 8.5” w/pump (1/3 Hp) 8”x66.5” 2”/2” 12 GPM  
  QPS12 12” Std. 12”x92” 2”/2” 25-50 GPM  
  QPS12-P 12” w/pump (1/2 Hp) 12”x92” 2”/2” 25 GPM  
  QPS16 16” Std. 16”x120” 2”/3” 50-100 GPM  
  QPS16-P 16” w/pump (1 Hp) 16”x120” 2”/3” 50 GPM  
  QPS24 24" Std. Commercial 24”x120” 4”/4” 150-200 GPM  
  QPS36 36" Std. Commercial 36”x120” 4”/4” 300-400 GPM  
  QPS46 46" Std. Commercial 46”x120” 6”/6” 500-600 GPM  


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