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Aquaneering is proud that all of our products are made in the USA

All Aquaneering aquatic housing racks are produced in house from the finest stainless steel.  Recirculating systems include Aquaneering’s Fluidized Bed Biofilter and Biofilter/Bead Filter combination for superior water quality and over 25 years of proven service.  Most other components are made in the USA, and each and every system with all components is integrated, tested, and inspected in our San Diego manufacturing facility.

Live Fish Transport Tanks are also fabricated from start to finish in our San Diego facility.  Made from dual walled aluminum and completely insulated, these tanks have set the standard for transporting fish in the U.S. and are the most rugged tanks available on the market today.

Aquaneering is committed to your complete satisfaction.  We stand 100% behind each and every product, and are always available to answer questions and help with problems, should they arise.

Aquaneering is an internationally recognized leader in the manufacture of Fluidized Bed Biofiltration systems for aquatics research housing. A key component in aquatic research housing systems is the quality of the water, critical to animal health and research integrity. Since 1988, Aquaneering has been involved in the revolutionary advancement of filtration systems. Aquaneering pioneered the Fluidized Bed/ Bead Filter combination and introduced this innovation to the research community. It has since become the standard for the industry.

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